Google Posts Patches Allowing AMD Zen/Zen2 CPUs To Expose Power Usage On Linux Via RAPL

One of the long sought after features for AMD Zen (and Zen 2) processors on Linux has been the ability to monitor the CPU package power consumption on Linux, similar to what's long been available for Intel CPUs on Linux and similarly for older AMD Bulldozer era CPUs with a power monitoring driver. Now on Friday evening a patch series was posted by a Google engineer to provide this long sought after functionality.

5 Hours Ago - AMD - RAPL Support!!! - 4 Comments

15 May

AMD Rethinks Decision And Will Open-Source Most Of Radeon Rays 4.0

Two days ago as part of the GPUOpen relaunch AMD released Radeon Rays 4.0 as their ray intersection library. Unlike the previous Radeon Rays release, however, this new Vulkan-enabled version was not open-source. But now AMD has decided that at least in large part it will be going back to open-source.

10 Hours Ago - Radeon - Radeon Rays 4.0 - 13 Comments
Benchmarking Amazon's Graviton2 Performance With 64 Neoverse N1 Cores Against Intel Xeon, AMD EPYC

This week Amazon announced the general availability of their EC2 "M6g" instances powered by their second-generation Graviton processors. Amazon is offering a variety of M6g instances with the Graviton2 CPU, including a bare metal instance. In this article are many benchmarks looking at the various Amazon EC2 M6g instances compared to other EC2 Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC instances as well as looking at the M6g Graviton2 metal performance up against various Intel/AMD CPUs in our lab.

15 May 12:19 PM EDT - Processors - 15 Comments

14 May

AMD Renoir Graphics Beating Out Intel Icelake/Gen11 On Linux

Earlier this week I provided the first Linux benchmarks of the AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Zen 2 mobile processor on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and running within a Lenovo IdeaPad 5 (14). That initial article was focused on the CPU performance while for your viewing pleasure today are some preliminary benchmark numbers for the Vega 7 graphics up against Intel Gen11/Icelake.

14 May 01:27 PM EDT - Graphics Cards - 25 Comments
GPUOpen Celebrates Another Day Of Its Relaunch With A New Binary-Only Software Release

AMD this week marked the relaunch of GPUOpen as their resource for creators and game developers with their collection of open-source/open-standards minded offerings on the graphics front. In honor of their relaunch, they said they would be issuing new software releases every day this week. It was a bit odd yesterday with Radeon Rays 4.0 dropping their open-source code-base and today they are introducing another new utility that is also binary-only.

14 May 12:47 PM EDT - Radeon - GPUOpen RMV - 27 Comments
LLVM Lands Support For The Marvell ThunderX3

Announced back in March were the Marvell ThunderX3 Arm server processors with up to 96 cores per SoC and support for 4-way SMT to yield up to 384 threads per socket. These 7nm Arm server processors also support eight channels of DDR4-3200 memory, 64 lanes of PCIe 4.0, and other competitive features for a 2020 server CPU. While we await to see how the ThunderX3 processors perform, the compiler support and other Linux software features are getting all buttoned up.

14 May 06:35 AM EDT - LLVM - ThunderX3 + LLVM Clang - 3 Comments

13 May

A Quick Run With The FSGSBASE Patches On Intel + AMD

FSGSBASE patches for the Linux kernel have been available for years albeit not mainlined to date. However, thankfully, a Microsoft Linux developer has taken up the cause to get them upstreamed given the performance benefits they are even seeing. Here are some benchmarks of the Linux kernel patches for FSGSBASE on both Intel and AMD CPUs.

13 May 11:57 AM EDT - Software - 6 Comments
RADV ACO Adds A Version Hack/Workaround For An Extra 2~5% Boost In SotTR

While many hoped that with the adoption of Vulkan it would lead to avoiding driver-specific checks/workarounds, that's still not been the case to workaround various driver bugs and other issues. The RADV ACO compiler back-end has resorted to altering its version string in order to obtain 2~5% higher performance in Feral's latest Linux game release.

13 May 06:53 AM EDT - Radeon - LLVM Version Hack - 7 Comments

12 May

Initial AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Linux Performance Is Very Good

Since AMD Renoir laptops began shipping some weeks ago, I've been on the hunt for an interesting laptop to pick up for Linux testing and to potentially even use as my next main production laptop. Given the successes of AMD Zen 2 on the desktop and server front, I've been very eager to try out a Renoir laptop and last week picked up a Lenovo IdeaPad with Ryzen 7 4700U and the experience so far has been very good and with captivating Linux performance.

12 May 06:09 PM EDT - Computers - 62 Comments

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